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Every diamond has its own story, and every lady her own style.

At this point it should be noted that the shape of a diamond can also be referred to as its “cut”, like a round or princess cut. However, this should not be confused with the more commonly used term of diamond cut, which describes how well the diamond has been polished from the raw material (see section on diamond cut).

At Seventy Seven Diamonds we cater to the detailed wishes of every customer and want to ensure that they are well-informed about every diamond shape available. Our selection of beautiful shapes is accompanied by detailed information, images and recommendations on the uniqueness, the history and background, and the ideal ratio of every cut.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

1. The Basics
Unique Features Facets L / W Ratio Origin Expert Tip
Signature trimmed edges, brilliant step cut. Usually 70 1.00-1.05 (square) >1.05-1.50 (rectangular) 1977 Hides inclusions well.
Radiant Cut Diamond
2. Features
Top, Side and Bottom view of the Radiant Cut Diamond

The Radiant is a unique and hybrid cut comprised of 70 facets and distinctive trimmed edges. Square-shaped Radiants typically have ratios between 1.00 and 1.05 while rectangular Radiants can have ratios from over 1.05 anywhere up to 1.50.

Its versatile design combines the brilliance and depth of the round, Emerald and Princess cuts making it a popular choice for all types of jewellery.

As it is a patented cut, it may be referred to as a Cut-Cornered Square on a laboratory certificate (eg. GIA or AGS), or a Rectangular Brilliant if it has a ratio greater than 1.05.

3. Expert Advice

Because of its extra facets, the Radiant cut can disperse more light through the stone making it one of the most brilliant of all square- and rectangular-shaped stones. It also hides inclusions more efficiently than other shapes. As it is a hybrid cut combining the features of both brilliant and step-cuts, the Radiant is the ideal compromise and the perfect solution for someone who wants to “have it all.”

Expert advice at Seventy Seven Diamonds
4. History & Background

The first Radiant cut was designed by Henry Grossbard of the Radiant Cut Diamond Company (RCDC) in 1977. Prior to this invention, all diamonds with square or step-cut edges appeared less brilliant.

Grossbard invented a hybrid cutting style that revolutionised the industry's perceptions towards square or rectangular stones as he managed to create a step-cut diamond that possessed equal brilliance to triangular-faceted diamonds such as the oval and pear.

The Radiant is also the first cut to have a brilliant-facet pattern applied to both the crown & pavilion. RCDC launched the Original Radiant Cut diamond brand in 2002.

Historical timeline of the Radiant cut diamond
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